Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cockatiel Cocktail is in the mix!

This morning I've been working on my first design for my Cockatiel series of art. My first bird note card set is a compilation of several different breeds, mostly portrait style of art. For the cockatiel series, I've decided to do something a bit more entertaining and cute - the birds are more "in action"...doing something of some sort. The first painting I'll be doing is a cockatiel sitting on the edge of a martini glass, which will be filled with red liquid and complimentary fruit. I've been working on the initial sketch for the design this morning and I think this will turn out very cute!

I'm not sure how many 'tiels I'll do in the series....Birds of a Feather Collection I has 5 birds, making 10 note cards (2 of each design). I'll either do 5 Cockatiel designs and the same size note card set, or I'll do 2 designs, 5 of each in the set, or 3-4 designs and perhaps make a set of 12. I'll decide after I see how difficult this first painting is! I'm thinking it will be more attractive to have 5 designs and make a pack of 10 as I did with the other set. This set will be called "Cockatiel Cocktail", meaning it will contain a "cocktail" of cockatiel art.

The Dodge truck painting is coming along very well too! I'll be working on more of it after I get back from my early morning grocery store adventure.


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