Sunday, January 15, 2006

Venus Beads!

I was "challenged" the other day to come up with an art bead in the "Venus" theme of the gallery show...something along the line of my "diva" pendants I'd made which sold boom-boom-boom. So I came up with this sculpted art bead design - using a heart base (since I've been making hearts for the show...and it's seemed appropriate!).

This first bead is titled "Queen Bee" - and it's up on Ebay - visit the auction here. (I've been making so many sculpted beads and don't know if I'll have time to turn them all into finished pendants and jewelry items, so I thought I'd put some of the sculpted beads up on Ebay.)

This second bead in the Venus collection is "The Tigress". She is also up on Ebay - click here to place your bid.

I also plan to make some sculpted animal and bird beads, some frogs and turtles, of course my old favorite...florals...and who knows what else I'll come up with! It feels SO GOOD to be making the sculpted beads now that I have more experience with the medium. I'd made some sculpted beads in the beginning, but these also use my polymer painting techniques - so it's combining two things in one.

Well back to the studio for me.....after a few pieces of good ole French toast for Sunday breakfast! :)


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