Monday, January 30, 2006

Show Report!

I forgot to post my show report! It was a BLAST! The crowd was small, but we sure had some die-hard jewelry lovers there and make some great sales! The music was provided by a was just, drinks, and socializing were also wonderful. I saw several customers I met last month - they were back again to check out all the new goodies and that was a nice plus!

I was exhausted after the weekend ended - but no, I didn't waste any time before I got right back to work with my new focal beads. The chow is posted below, and I've just completed a Chihuahua focal bead and I have a Boxer firing now as well. Soon I'll have a new little family of 4-legged friends surrounding me, waiting to be snatched up by loving owners to head to their new homes. :)

People tell me I need to get some rest......I tell them, I'll rest when I'm dead. Until then, I've got a lot to do! :)


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