Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New sculpted art beads! Tree Frog, Macaw, & Fireball Venus!

I've been called a "fireball" several times during my life (which I take to mean I am loaded with vibrant energy and a zest and passion for life!), and I designed this next Venus bead with that in mind.

Below are two pieces I *really* had a blast with - one is the blue Hyacinth Macaw, whom I've named Jasper. The other is Jumpin' Jack, a red-eyed tree frog. Both of these are sculpted art beads designed to be placed as the focal beads in necklaces - although Jack is small enough where he could also be a bead charm.
All three of these pieces are up for AUCTION beginning TONIGHT. Click here to see my auctions and place your bid on these one of a kind art beads.

Thanks for stopping in to see my new work!


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