Friday, January 06, 2006

Jewels, Jewels & More Jewels!

Oh my, I've been SO BUSY in the studio over the past few days! I acquired a bunch of unique vintage brass settings to use for new designs, so I've been trying some new things.

I also wanted to create a heart design for upcoming Valentine's Day - something I could make several "of", although each piece is different. I think these will be a big hit at the Fine Art Jewelry Show at the gallery on the 27th! I'm still working on an unusual technique for the hearts, and I hope it will work "as planned". You never know, but then in this medium, I am usually surprised and excited about the outcome of the work, so I'm not too worried about it! :)

I had fun with this "eye pendant", inspired by eye beads. The cloisonne wire design was quite intricate, and because of that, this will be the only pne of it's kind. If I come up with a more basic "eye" design with the wire, I'll make more eye pendants in the future, as I think they are just COOL!

To see any of these pieces up close and personal, as well as details about each, please visit my online gallery.


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