Monday, January 23, 2006

The Birth of Venus

This set was specifically designed to wear to the Venus Soiree, a fine art jewelry show on Friday, January 27. It was designed with the theme of the jewelry show in mind, as well as to match the wine colored gown I'll be wearing that night.

I've named the set "The Birth of Venus". From the sea, Venus emerges on a shell which is driven to the shore by flying wind-gods amidst a shower of roses. As she is about to step on to the land, a nymph receives her with a purple cloak. In this special one of a kind necklace & earrings, I've attempted to depict this symbol of mystery through which this divine message of beauty came into the world. Color hues are soft, subtle, yet intense - layers are deep, never-ending, and exquisite. Beneath the translucent rose and black, dusted with genuine gold leaf, resides wine, purple, and royal blue hues - this enables a subtle inference of the colors to emerge depending on the color of clothing worn with the set. For instance, a wine colored dress will bring out the wine hues when worn; wearing the set with blue with enhance the blue undertones. This gives this set a unique, chameleon-like feature, making it a set which can be enjoyed with various attire. Settings are hand-soldered brass. Pendant has a brass tube support with goldtone, adjustable snake chain. Earrings are pierced with goldtone French ear wires.

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P.S. You can see the gown a couple posts below this one. :)

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