Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chow Chow Sculpted Art Focal Bead

Here's some new work for you to gaze at and and even bid on if you are a Chow lover (it's only on Ebay once...). It's the first in a new line of bas relief sculpted focal bead/pendants I am creating. My design features the front view of this beautiful dog on one side, and his rear on the back! Yes, he is "emerging" right from the base bead. I used to raise chows, and this one looks like the one I had named "Candy". She was certainly not a sweetie though, despite the name!

Right now, plans are to do a variety of dog breeds, birds, frogs, and wildlife in this method - and possibly some landscape beads by making a slight alteration of the method. Each is an original, one of a kind artistic creation - it's like wearing a painting/sculpture on a bead. And making these incorporates a lot of things I like about working with polymer clay, including painting with the liquid form of it, sculpting it, and making jewelry/ornaments with it.

I've decided to go ahead and turn these into pre-wired pendants with accent beads. A buyer can simply insert a chain, cord or ribbon into the wire loop I've created at the top and wear the bead immediately. Or hook it to a purse as a charm (I have a sculpted focal I made into a charm and hooked to my own handbag and I love it!). A designer can remove the wire and use this bead in their own design as a centerpiece focal as well.

Fixed up like this with the wire and accent beads, these focals are large enough to be displayed as ornaments on a small ornament hanger or in various other ways as home and collectible decor.


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