Monday, January 23, 2006

TONS of new Jewels for the Venus Soiree'!

In an attempt to make a smashing color to match my wine colored gown for the Venus Soiree this Friday night, I've been making many "wine colored" jewels - the only thing is...the color isn't turning out right in any of the pieces as of yet! The reds range from an almost light coral to pinkish/purple colors and nothing is "just right". Sigh. Oh well, I'm getting a ton of work done to sell to others - just nothing to go in my custom settings to match my dress! Three days of this and I'm getting tired!

Anyway, thought I'd share my new work. All of the pieces in this post are new and available on my website The Wine and Roses sculpted bead is available on Ebay this week at this link. And I'm getting ready to photograph and put up 3 more designs - 2 more rings and a simple pendant. In the meantime, test piece #4,560 (haha!) is firing. I'll know shortly if it will be the "lucky one". :) Jai

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Paula said...

I am LOVING Valentine Dance!!! Nice job!