Thursday, October 20, 2005

Maidens are birthing.....

Yes, in the middle of getting read for my online show this weekend, I found myself getting frustrated. A couple of my artsy friends entered into a discussion with me and gave me some ideas. :) Ah, dontcha just LOVE them? (the friends! LOL) So even though I had a gazillion pieces to finish up, I took on this interesting challenge to sit down - NO reference photos - NO nothing - except blank "clay" and see what came from inside. (yes, inside MOI!) One of my friends explained to me, it's "safer" to use a reference photo - that way it's not about ME personally. Interesting!

I proceeded to take on this daunting task, and yes it was daunting as I was actually sitting there in fear, afraid of what would come out...afraid it would be something ugly and hideous. I was quite surprised when I completed this first piece...and I think you will be too. Take a look:

Click this photo to see the larger image. My goal when sitting
down was to complete a piece with the following subjects:

A woman's face
An animal
Something floral or foliage
And a little gold leaf for accent

Needless to say, I was shocked this came out.
And I am pleased. Now I'm going to do an entire series of these! I am calling them "Serenity Maidens" and will have this piece as well as some others on my website soon. Each will feature a woman, a creature, some flowers/foliate/trees/berries, and a little gold leaf.

They will all be about 2" long, and have a different mechanism at the top than my other pieces. As you can see in the photo, it's a triangle shaped hook with two rings attached. This mini work of art can be hung using the rings as a pendant. OR, the rings can be removed and these also serve as miniature works of art which can be hung via the embedded hook.

I plan to complete one in the series each week, in addition to everything else I am doing. And.....I have an ADDED surprise with these...I have teamed up with Zazzle.Com so my art can be produced as fine art prints (framed and matted if desired!), greeting/note cards, and STAMPS! How cool is that! Go here to check it out:

JAI Art International - <--- Click Link to order fine art prints, greeting/note cards, and stamps with this artwork. Prints are available on a variety of paper stock, with unique framing and matting options. Have a unique, framed art print delivered right to your door and ready to hang.

I am VERY excited about this new series and look forward to developing a lot of unique imagery for others to enjoy.

As for my online show, I have 2 pieces left to complete, and several descriptions to enter. But I WILL BE ready by Sunday! :)


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