Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leaves of Gold & Hurricanes!

Good evening! I know it's been several days since I posted. Lots going on.....

First of all, I have started another new series. These pendants are faster to make - there is no "thought" beyond what colors to place on the piece. Therefore they take less time, and I can charge less for these. I figured these pieces would be a good way to introduce people to my work. Take a look here.

My brother lives down in Broward County (Coral Springs) Florida. His county - like a good portion of the lower part of FL - was hit hard by hurricane Wilma. He called today and said it would be around November 8 before power would be restored. He's thinking of MOVING.....gee, I wonder WHY? LOL! They've only been hit by 16 (?) hurricanes this year. Unfortunately his work is down there. And do you know, his company is going to count this time off AGAINST HIM! Isn't that NUTS!? The company doesn't have power either. No one could come in, even if they wanted to. But I heard today, they will pay them for this time off, but it will count as their vacation. SOME VACATION. For a company that has millions sitting in the bank and helps all the OTHER VICTIMS around the world to NOT help their own employees during this time the offices are closed is ridiculous! I guess it's not a tax write off though if you "help your own".

See why I like being in business for myself? It's the same reason I'd rather deal with small businesses than this big mega-corporations. (This is coming from a person who CHOOSES to shop at my small local grocery stores over Wal-Mart) Once the business becomes so big, it's all about the money, and not enough about the real PEOPLE behind that money. At least that's my little opinion on the matter.

West TN has turned COLD. BRRRRR. I'm staying in and making jewels. That's the plan for me! :)

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