Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Eruption of Emotion, A Chocolate Treat, & Time for the Bug Spray

Two New Art Pendants
Extreme emotions create a desire for chocolate....
ya ever noticed that?

"Fusillade" is a word I discovered when looking in the thesaurus for "eruption". The center of my newest pendant (above, left) is "erupting" with the gold leaf. When I was creating this baby, I was thinking of "emotions" and how they erupt from within. While some emotions may not be good when they come out, the act of getting them out IS good, and leaves behind a "golden afterglow". I didn't want to call the piece "eruption" so I began looking for a word which sounded a little better and I discovered that word in my search - it tied in to what I was trying to say with the design nicely. Being this pendant is full of deep red, it can indicate two things I was thinking of when I was designing would be anger, the other passion. I guess you could say I was "passionate with anger" at the time. :) Adding the gold leaf in the center was a type of release for helped to bring back the golden glow I like to maintain in my life.

The second pendant above came afterwards, as did this intense craving for CHOCOLATE. :) Appropriately named Chocolate Mint Swirl, it gave me that delicious, emotional, sweet "high" without the calories.

Click on either to see them up close and personal.

Today I'll be working in the studio on finishing the pendants for my upcoming fall show, to be held online next weekend. However, I am thinking about tossing another "Fusillade" pendant in the mix on my site. This one in BLACK, with the gold leaf. That pendant would signify (to me) the leaving behind of negativity.

Now this is a subject close to my heart...dealing with negativity. We've all had to deal with it - and it's never pleasant. And as we get older, we can pick up on the energy of negativity much more quickly than we used to. My question to myself and others is WHY do we "stick around it"? If we can sense it, even if it's only subtly apparent, why not take 2 steps and move away from it?

Yes, sometimes it will follow us. Like an irritating mosquito, it will follow a person around, nipping at them, constantly trying infuse itself into ones life. Picture this - you're at a picnic enjoying yourself, and suddenly a swarm of mosquitos appear. What do you do? Most people either 1) leave the area or 2) get out the bug spray.

It's amazing to me how when we're being nipped at by negativity, we tend to just SIT THERE and take it. When in truth, life will be SO MUCH BETTER and more comfortable for us if we simply MOVE......or get out the bug spray!

So I've had some negativity come at me this week. It's not like I didn't feel it ahead of time...I did...I can always sense it. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in my creative world, I don't pay attention to the instincts and those little voices inside. And every time I finally get away from the negativity, I feel that emotional release and the tightness in my shoulders and back disappears, and I wonder.....why wasn't I smart enough to get away from this situation before? And I tell myself I'll be smarter next time.

Will I be smarter next time? Probably. But I'm keeping a can of bug spray nearby, just in case I forget and start thinking that because I'm a nice and decent human being, the mosquitos won't come after me...when in reality, that's who they like to chew on the best.

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