Monday, October 10, 2005

Busy Bee - 6 new pendants -Check out LE DIVAS! (the divas)

I have been a busy, busy bee here! It's amazing how great sales can inspire a person...The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art has sold *several* of my pendants, in just a couple of days! So I got down to work this weekend and today is going to be another heavy-duty work day for me as I continue to get ready for my online show October 23.

I wanted to share the newest work...I had the most fun with a series of 3 DIVA pendants I's a photo of one.

Go here to see the others as well as three more pieces I completed in my Fun and Fashionables gallery.

Flaming Mai Tai was quite challenging, and Cherry Bee turned out really cool, too!

But the Diva's...I just think they are the NEATEST! There's one in blue and one in red too. Each has a bit of gold leaf added to the dress for extra sparkle. I used a black and blue flocked background so these can easily be worn with blue jeans or out on the dance floor with that fancy dress!

Well, off to the studio...have a GREAT day!


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