Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hyacinth Macaw & Horse Bead Pendant/Ornament!

I managed to get 2 pieces completed today, as well as get my yard mowed! ('s a 3 mile walk to push mow this yard...that's something to me! LOL)

The first piece you are viewing is a Hyacinth Macaw. He's one of my pendant pets, and I have named him "Blue Boy". He loves waltz music and he's an elegant, serene fellow.

I guess I did something right with him because my 11 year old son LOVES him and wants one in green, made as a miniature painting and framed for his room. I tried to tell him this bird is supposed to be BLUE, but he wants GREEN, so what the heck...he'll get green! LOL

The second piece you are viewing is a custom design for the owner of the stables where my daughter takes her lessons. If she likes this piece, I'll be making *12*! I can do the horse in different colors, too with this design I've created. Since these will be given to young girls, I've kept with a whimsical design. The pendant swivels easily, revealing a blue champion ribbon on the backside. It can also be used as an ornament.

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