Friday, January 23, 2009

What to do with a vintage aquamarine finding I've been saving for 4+ years???

Four years ago, I went on an adventure. I hopped in my little 1995 Ford Probe and took off to Florida in it. By myself. I drove straight through and was scared to death! But I made it! I was going to visit some of my jewelry buddies, specifically my vintage jewelry friends. One day we went to Barb's house. Not only did Barb have this AMAZING studio and office, she had the most wonderful collection of vintage beads and components I'd ever seen. I was in heaven!

While I was there, of COURSE I had to buy some things from her. My oh my...what trouble that was...making decisions from all these glorious parts and pieces. The things I could do with what she had...

The items I purchased from Barb are so exquisite, I have stretched them out over the past 4 years, and gradually integrated them into my work. In this pendant, I finally integrated an AMAZING vintage piece with luscious aquamarine marquis rhinestones. I acquired some more of the blue topaz gemstones, and they went so well with the vintage component, it inspired this 4" pendant.

Of course I added freshwater pearls. All are hand-wired onto the gold plated filigree (multi-filigree, actually) base.

This pendant is bold....yet lightweight enough to be very comfortable. It's romantic...and peaceful...

And sparkly enough for the fabulous evening out or party. I've named this piece INDULGE and it's available here. :)

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