Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sinuosity necklace

Yesterday I was waiting on wire to arrive to continue on with a fabulous collar necklace I'm working on. While I was waiting, I began playing with some other stones and created this necklace:

A delightful gemstone festoon pendant, filled with beautiful flourite, accented with simulated blue topaz chips, and glowing with dyed silver freshwater pearls, leads your gaze to the dramatic peacock chrysocolla teadrop stone.

I made the necklace on a curved base, and finished it out with black rubber cord and o-rings.

Since I never waste a bead, I integrated some of my simulated blue topaz chips I had left into the design.

It lays perfectly on the neck, with the pendant falling beautifully, right where it's supposed to. :)

Sinuosity is available here.

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