Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two hearts...two different kinds of love...

Two hearts...two different kinds of love...

FALLEN...featuring Carnelian, Ocean Jasper and Pearls

Ah, the sweet sensation of falling in's amazing. You know...when you have those moments of your heart seeming to fall to the floor when you see THE ONE...and you want to burst with almost uncontainable joy. That's the emotion this original heart pendant portrays.

Nestled in the center of the elongated heart rests an earthy ocean jasper polished stone with hints of coral, orbs of white, and bands ranging from terra cotta to peach. Genuine carnelian gemstone chips, full of the colors of autumn leaves on a sunny day, cluster around focal stone. Woven throughout the glowing gemstones are genuine freshwater pearls. All are interwoven with brass wire into a colorful, handcrafted creation. FALLEN is available here.

VIVIFY...featuring Coral and peacock pearls

Perhaps you're more reserved about love. More cautious. You feel the quickening heat, but there's some parts of you that you wish to keep under lock and key for a while, allowing them to move out slowly, steadily. However, your heart has been touched, and bursting forth are all sorts of emotions you can't quite contain. Then this is the heart pendant for you.

Rich, dramatic red genuine coral gemstones are accented with deep, dark, metallic peacock freshwater pearls in this smaller heart pendant. The stones and pearls are interwoven with golden brass wire into a handcrafted creation full of intense contrasting color. VIVIFY is available here.

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