Friday, January 16, 2009

PROFUSION Yellow Quartz Iolite and Aquamarine Collar Necklace

And here is a week's worth of work...titled PROFUSION...

Ever since I held this amazing faceted 375 carat yellow quartz gemstone in my hand, it screamed COLLAR NECKLACE. I knew it would make an amazing centerpiece.

How to fashion it was quite challenging. Sure, I could have bought a pre-made collar finding and simply added the stone to it. But I like to form my own shapes, and since the stone is uniquely shaped, I wanted to fit the base of the necklace to the stone.

So I formed my own base around the luscious lemon-y colored stone, and then began the process of selecting the gemstones. The color choices of stones were hand-selected based on a memory...and a wonderful one, at that. I was remembering a trip to Hawaii almost 17 years ago, and standing on a dinner cruise ship, staring out over the darkening ocean waters, with the glowing moon in full shining down upon the sea. It was one of those moments I'll treasure always. :)

For all of you who write and ask me what I was "thinking" when I design a piece...just so you know, I don't "think" when I'm designing...I remember and I feel the memory. Thinking is for office work. FEELING is for jewelry design. :)

So as I worked, I pulled the colors of the ocean and the glowing moonlight into the necklace, using gorgeous violet blue Ioilite, totally awesome Aquarmarine, glittering citrine, and a plethora of freshwater pearls paired with metallic blue glass pearls. Oh, and I almost forgot...hidden throughout the necklace are flat round opalescent glass beads, just adding to the glow and pulling all of the blue and yellow colors together.

Making this necklace was well-worth the week of time I spent on it. And just think...I have two more of these gorgeous yellow quartz stones to use in something else. Now you have even more to look forward to. :)

PROFUSION is available here.

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