Saturday, January 24, 2009 topaz, aqua, pearls

Today I finished these earrings...they match nicely with the pendant I posted yesterday.

Of course I didn't have any more vintage aquamarine rhinestone findings - I used the only one I had in the pendant. So they're a little bit different. I chose some aquamarine crystals, and they are so rich in color.

In keeping with the same color scheme of the pendant, I used the glass blue topaz gemstone chips and freshwater pearls...all based on the same gold filigree as the pendant is, but in small scale, of course. :)

I think these earrings, and the pendant, would make a lovely Valentine's gift for someone. I was thinking today...I wonder if all those out there buying gifts for Valentine's will be running into the stores right before the big day buying some small, dainty and delicate jewel? Nothing wrong with that, but some of us like a little more *substance* to our jewels. :) And some of us really would appreciate the thoughtfulness of choosing a one of a kind creation. By a real artist. Seriously! How special would YOU feel if you knew the gift you received was truly a one of a kind...that no one else would ever have that same, exquisite jewel except YOU, and that it was handmade? And that the one you love picked it out?

2009 is a time for changes. It's a time for doing new things and making bold moves. It's time to step out, be a little different, explore the unexplored. You can begin now. Just think about it. And then just do it. :)

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