Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama...her colors...her jewels

The first lady's color choices of dresses are all the talk in the fashion world today. I love this yellow and green combination. It offers shows a sense of renewal is taking place. Perfect.

Yellow is a color which awakens joy and happiness and brings on euphoria. YES. We need a lot of that! Green is the color of freshness and renewal. Double YES. Read more about the colors you wear and how they can affect your life, your health, and your emotions in my free online ebook, Healing With Color.

For the big night...more yellow in a paler shade, which actually looks white in many photographs. White is a symbol of peace, purity and salvation. Blended with the pale yellow, it brings happiness and joy along with it. I think the good ole USA needs a dose of all of it...I know I will gladly take it. :)

And then there's her pearls. Wonderful. Awesome that she chooses pearls as a staple in her jewelry. Pearls symbolize purity. Spiritual transformation. They symbolize honesty. Wearing them breathes LIFE into the soul. They give a person self-confidence. And best of all, they're anyone can tap into the elegance and power of pearls.

From the traditional pearl necklace, to a stunning jewel mixing pearls with other precious gemstones, pearls are a favorite, and always will be.

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