Saturday, April 05, 2008

Update #5 on toxic poisoning

Just wanted to post an update about my situation. It has been one week today since I last touched the clay. I am feeling better than I've felt in YEARS and have much more energy.

My mind also seems to be much clearer. I had been feeling confusion - I guess that's the best way to describe it - over the past few months especially. I originally attributed that to getting older. Suddenly, my mind is much more clear and I notice it specifically in decision making areas. Before it seemed I was having trouble making a decision on small things, mostly. That seems to be diminishing (thank goodness because I thought I was losing my mind!). Also, I've been having terrible hot flashes for years, especially at night - EVERY NIGHT and sometimes during the day. I had attributed that to menopause. In the past 2 weeks, my hot flashes have stopped completely. That might just be a coincidence, but considering I'd had them daily and nightly for so long, I find it very odd they just suddenly ceased.

Also, I heard back from Tony at Kato Clay. He has assured me that the new clay formula they have does not have the previous chemicals which have been proven to cause toxic issues. However, he has also advised - because I am already chemically sensitive as well as sensitive to strong odors - that I do NOT use their clay or any clay, as it could cause potential health risks based on the reactions I've already had.

For most people, the clay is not, and will not be, a problem. But for me, unfortunately, it is.

And on a final note - I have spoken with the assistant to the CEO at our hospital to see if I can trade some of my original paintings (on in exchange for my hospital bill. That would help me tremendously if they will accept, because I don't forsee being able to pay that bill anytime in the near future. I'm waiting to hear back from them. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

InJoy, Jai

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Jenny said...

Jai- thanks for your series on the potential toxins in PC. I find it so interesting I'd like to share some of your story on my blog. I think more folks should be aware of what the possible symptoms are, and be mindful of how their bodies are reacting. I do, do hope that your sensitivity subsides. Great idea in trading art for bill payment. Good luck, Jenny at