Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moonlight Stroll

Ha! Y'all were expecting to see a painting, weren't you? :) Surprise surprise! Here's a jewelry set, featuring a necklace and matching earrings with blackstone, black onyx crystals and freshwater pearls. As I was going through the studio this weekend, I realized I *still* have a lot of cool beads and crystals, so I thought why not make some jewelry?

This set was inspired by the Blackstone teardrop. I held that large bead in my hand and thought, what do I envision here? As I looked through my bead boxes, it all came together and soon I had created this extremely elegant set. By making the necklace adjustable, it's easy to wear with a variety of outfits...wear it choker style or longer - your choice.

The set is a perfect complement to the always popular "little black dress". Because of the hand-chaining and linkwork, it feels like silk when worn and offers a degree of movement to flow right along with you. Wear it to the office - wear it on the dance floor. It's a versatile design!

Bid on this set this week on Ebay.

InJoy, Jai

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