Saturday, April 26, 2008

How about some daisies?

Yesterday I completed these two miniature (ACEO size) daisy paintings, the first in a series of five. The first one is Shasta Daisy on Purple and the second is on Red. The next will be on orange/red, yellow/orange, and finally yellow green. I used a loose, impressionist style on these and painted them using the Prismacolor art sticks, refining the details with Prismacolor pencils. The art stix allowed me to lay down a heavier application of color, creating a bolder look than my other color pencil paintings.

Both of these are up on Ebay this week. Click here to bid on the purple and here to bid on the red. I can envision all five, framed together in a long frame under matting. After I finish the other three, I'll create a graphic image of how that might look. :)


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