Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I need hormone cream!

Gosh the hot flashes are KILLING ME this week! I need to raise the money, and keep it coming in on a monthly basis, that's all there is to it. I've been off of it for about 3 years because I couldn't regularly afford it. Okay, it's time for something to change...I want a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP with NO hot flashes. I want to be able to be ONE temperature through the day and not have this sweating one minute and freezing the next. It's starting to tick me off! ARGHHHHHHHHHH

Despite the fact I've had a really rough week with these female trials and tribulations, I did manage to get some work done. Today I finished a tree frog pendant and 3 rose pendants. Woohoo! And they are in my new Ebay store I just set up today - double Woohoo! :) Take a look here if you'd like.

And speaking of Ebay stores, I am soooooooo tickled that they now have an easy way to send something from store to auction, and I love this "best offer" thing. I know, that stuff's probably been in place for a while, but I've been away from Ebay for a while and it's all new to me! So I am very excited about all of this new stuff. (doesn't take much to thrill me, does it? LOL!)

I think I've done enough for one day, so I guess I'll take my box fan and blanket and go to bed.


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