Monday, June 25, 2007

3 new art pendants - Peacock, Eagle & USA Flag, Bantam Rooster


Good evening! I've just listed 3 new art pendants on Ebay. I've had so many requests for this type of pendant after I starting showing them online a few days ago, I've decided to go ahead and keep making these in this style (as long as my eyes hold up, that is!)

These are the acrylic paint on polymer clay pendants. Now that I'm getting more used to the acrylics, they are a bit easier for me to create, and I like to do them in sort of an impressionist style. I did a couple of large paintings in this style way-back-when and I really liked them. Don't know why I didn't keep it up, as I really enjoy it.

I wore the Siamese Cat pendant to church yesterday and several people commented on it - which kind of surprised me. Seems the only people who have anything to say about my work these days are folks at the art gallery, and of course Ebay buyers. So I guess that might be a good sign????

I'm putting the images from the pendants on the black shirts at Cafepress. On the shirts, I'm putting them in the place where a brooch might be worn. So it's like "built in jewelry" on the shirt itself. I put the images on a couple of other products as well, but my main focus with these is to have them on the black shirts. And of course greeting cards! I love greeting cards!

BTW, If you'd like to order a custom art pendant with your subject of choice, please visit this page to see my samples and pricing.

Here's tonight's new listings - and be SURE to view my other auctions - lots of original ART & JEWELRY is ending early tomorrow - many with lots of watchers, but not lots of bids!
PEACOCK Bird original hand painted OOAK Art Pendant
EAGLE USA July 4 original hand painted Art Pendant
BANTAM ROOSTER original hand painted Art Pendant

As always, thanks for viewing my work!


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