Friday, June 29, 2007

7 Reasons Why Original Art (& art jewelry!) makes the perfect gift...

I wrote this up a couple of years ago...thought I'd share:

Beauty Lasts Forever Through the Magic of Art...

...Original art jewelry holds the touch of the artist, letting you feel the movement of their hand. The creative strokes and the blended hues enter your eye and stimulate you to joy. Let art jewelry bring you the joy you're seeking. Discover & experience the serene calm of a summer's day , the soothing sight of a grand tree , the sweet face of an animal, or the purifying energy of a dazzling sunflower. Knowing that you're wearing an original, creative work of art is an incredible feeling, and a wonderful way to express yourself and the parts of life you enjoy the most! Art jewelry also makes an exceptional gift for those you care about. Below you will uncover the reasons why and some of the most popular holidays when art jewelry is appreciated and admired.

7 Grand Reasons to Give the Gift of Original Art Jewelry:

1) Your gift of art jewelry tells your recipient you think he or she is interested in the finer things in life.

2) An original art pendant as a gift, unlike a gift of 20-year-old whiskey, will keep on giving pleasure year after year.

3) If your gifts are distributed internationally you can't miss: art is the universal language.

4) Your original art jewelry gift is a refreshing change of pace from the usual presents.

5) You're giving something which is an exclusive, hand-made creation.

6) An original art pendant is a gift which will delight the recipient and ennoble the giver.

7) Original art jewelry is the perfect gift for that special someone - a permanent reminder of the gift, the emotion and the giver.

Original art jewelry is an appreciated gift for:

  • Graduation ~ As the graduate embarks on his or her "original life", your gift of original art jewlery will inspire and encourage
  • Housewarming ~ Help the new homeowner fill their space with original art ornaments...creations which will last a lifetime
  • Wedding ~ They're beginning a new life, and the gift of a unique, framed original art pendant will send them on their way with a breath of fresh air
  • Anniversary ~ How about flowers which will last forever? Original art jewelry offers an anniversary gift which won't be forgotten
  • Birthday ~ What a better way to acknowledge a person's special day than with a gift which vibrates with uniqueness
  • Christmas ~ Miniature art pendants make great stocking stuffers, and are sure to steal the show at any Christmas gift-giving event
  • Valentines Day ~ There is no better way to say "I love you" than by giving a gift no one else in the world possesses
  • In the Hospital ~ What a refreshing way to bring cheer and color to someone's world at a time when they need it the most
  • Because You're Special ~ Selecting original art jewelry for your special someone is a sure way to show he or she how much they really mean to you!

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