Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turquois nugget pendant, amethyst pendant, & another hummingbird design

I finished a few more pendants yesterday. The first shown here is a turquoise nugget pendant. Both this one and the amethyst pendant are smaller stones. Rather than place the pendant bail on the back top edge, I put a ring on top and hooked that to the bails, creating a dangling pendant with a little movement.

I think this works better for the smaller stones, as the bail can overwhelm the pendant when the stone is small. This will also be a good way to do smaller stones for earrings. I don't make a lot of earrings - or smaller stones for that matter - because they're actually harder to do and take more time than the larger ones. Yet because they're smaller, people expect them to be priced lower. With earrings, it seems folks want those even lower prices...however...I *do* have to make *two* which = double the work involved for a pair of earrings. :)

This Hummingbird is's poised over purple iris flowers and the finish on this cameo is matte finish, which is different than my other cameos. This is a rare cameo from West Germany.

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