Saturday, November 08, 2008

New DOUBLE pendants...earrings...

Are you getting tired of seeing my river rock pendants? I'm not. I can't explain just have to see it in person and FEEL IT...but these pendants are so neat. It's like the naturalness of the stones meet the slickness of a sparkling city night. It's hard to's a FEELING these pendants have. They keep you GROUNDED. They can be worn with anything from sweats to dresses. Just so versatile... :) Today I got explorative and completed a double river rock pendant design. It was tricky, but I finally got it to work! Check it out:

And I love this next's dalmation jasper with a turquoise blue/green hue, mixed with inclusions of white and black. VERY SHARP. It framed up beautifully in the solder.

Now these next two were a real challenge. First, the earrings. It's very hard for me to make get them identical. Most often, I give up and just let them look different. But that's what's fun about this...the striving...the challenge to get it just PERFECT. Yet, we as humans, are NOT perfect and the jewelry I make reflects that. I think that's one of the beautiful things about handmade's REAL.

This part was the challenge. I got inspired by the river rock pendant...the double stone design worked well, so I thought I'd try it with these yellow jasper teardrops. Oh man, was this one difficult! But you know what's interesting about working with solder? You cannot control it (or at least *I* can't and don't want to, really) it forms its own shape and style. This piece mysteriously formed itself into looking just like a pair of acorns I picked up off the carport yesterday. Once I saw that, I knew the design was done. My subconscious had spoken with imagery, and the solder listened. :)

Hope you like these! I picked up some more gemstones I'll have new ones coming all week long, as well as some porcelain art cabochons I've been holding off on revealing...'cuz they are just soooooooo beautiful and I don't want to let them go!


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