Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scarlet Macaw Pendant, Olive Jade Pendant, & Pink Jasper Pendant

Here's three more pendants, fresh from the studio! The first is a Scarlet Macaw parrot pendant. I love these birds...they are full of all of the colors of the rainbow, and are such fun pets! The Macaw is depicted here on porcelain china, and framed in silver solder, for a unique, one of a kind pendant.

This second pendant features pink jasper, with gray inclusions that look like a landscape scene. There's a slight glare on the photo, but when you look closely, it's almost as if you're standing on a hill and can see a mountain, trees, and pathway through them all. That neat little "swirl" of solder at the top happened completely accidentally...and I liked it, so I left it alone, as it looks like the face of a bird coming over the top of the stone.

This third piece is a light olive jade stone, with cream colored inclusions. My daughter said she can see a face in it. I think she was talking human face. Yet I see a fish shaped face in the ivory inclusion...do you see it? :)

These are all available at http://www.jaiart.com. InJoy, Jai

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