Thursday, November 13, 2008

New gemstone pendants & porcelain china art pendants too!

First I got on a green kick...this first pendant is Magnetite and Yellow reminds me of being deep in a forest.

This next one is a Tree Agate stone, with beautiful pine green mixed with snow white, like a pine tree in winter...very refreshing!

This third green pendant is Russian Jade...very lacey...with a more olive green coloring.

And then I needed a little contrast, so I framed up this red Jasper stone. It's VERY striking.

This is a fancy Jasper oval stone with deep lavender, light gray, and a dash of blood red.

And this one I can't even pronounce... Dumortierite, also called "blue denim stone"...definitely versatile and will go with anything from blue jeans to a nice suit.

This next blue stone is lapis blue dyed jasper. Another very striking pendant!

Now we get to the art pendants...I LOVE these porcelain art cabochons...they are just like fine china (but I don't have to cut and sand these myself!). The first one features a blue hummingbird with a red throat, among gorgeous pink and white flowers.

And the final pendant...a white tiger (with blue eyes!) - He just looks so ROYAL...I love him!

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