Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Love red-eyed tree frogs? Then you'll adore this mini painting!

Check out Einstein, the newest pet in the My Tiny Pet series. Einstein the red-eyed tree frog hangs onto the top of his pencil in this miniature painting. The painting is size 4x5 inches. He'll be a delightful addition to your miniature art collection! You can get the original painting here, and you can also select cool products and gift items with Einstein's image on them here. This is a cute design for teachers!

*Einstein is a real frog! He plasters himself to my studio window every night and hangs around on the bush outside the window!*

We had two turtles on the road in front of our house last week. My daughter took some photos of them, and I'm thinking about painting them next. One is a large turtle and the other walking behind it is a baby. I love baby critters! :)


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