Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Long Walk Home

This weekend I completed my first 1/6 scale miniature painting. While I've painted minis for years, I've never really paid much attention to scale as required by the miniature art organizations to be considered a true miniature. So I decided to do so, and using the below photo taken by my daughter of our outdoor cat Boots for reference, I painted this piece, titled The Long Walk Home.

In this painting, Boots is shown heading home after a long day of hunting and wandering. It was very difficult to paint her this small on this 3"x4" canvas, but using the tiniest of brushes and a magnifying glass, I was able to get it done!

Boots has kittens, but she has them hidden from us so far. Maybe she'll bring them up to the house soon so we can get even more fabulous photos, and I'll have even more subjects to paint!

You can acquire the original painting here on my website, or prints/cards/tiles and more in my gift shop.


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