Monday, June 30, 2008

Sad day in the neighborhood...

"The Dickson Gallery swings no more." How depressing. We had our final "Fabulous Friday" on June 27. It was very sad, seeing no art on the walls, and seeing my artist friends for what could likely be the last time for many of us to get together.

My home is now stacked with paintings on the floor. Some of these creative works have been sitting here for months now. Some have dust on the frames. Some hang on my wall, decorating my own home, and giving me fond memories of when I painted them - and what I was thinking when I did. Some have just arrived in light of the gallery closing, and they have joined my others in this depression. I can almost feel them saying..."nobody wants me".

Rachel said to me recently..."Maybe I should have been a better salesperson." But I know from watching her, she did all she could. She gave this gallery - and each one of us - everything she had. MORE than she had to give, actually. I say to myself..."maybe I should have done better paintings." But as I look around at my work, I know that's not true. They just haven't found their right homes yet. And maybe my home *is* their right home.

I don't even feel like painting anymore. Maybe that will change in time. Or maybe not. Right now, I feel lost, like I don't know what to do, or have anything worth giving.


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Rachel Dickson said...

Hey now!
That's not the Jai Johnson I know!
pull up those boot straps...and turn the page in this book. The greatest moment is inside all of us...we just need to take the time with ourselves to look there. :-)
Rachel Dickson here...of the previously rockinist place to be in downtown Jackson--the Dickson Gallery. My biggest task right now is to do just that...look deep inside myself and see the beauty that's stuck way up in there. and in doing so, the page will turn and greatness will surface again.
light a candle, drink in the calm, stay prepared...the next big thing is on the rise.