Friday, June 06, 2008

Poka the Koala Bear Miniature Original Painting

Oh man, it's been a rough week! I came down with something - don't know what, but it felt like the flu. It's outta here FINALLY and I was able to get a new mini painting completed yesterday afternoon.

This is Poka the Koala bear, the newest in the My Tiny Pet series. She is playing peekaboo from behind her tree, and she is desperately hoping some kind soul will adopt her and care for her forever! You can adopt Poka here. You can also find wonderful gifts and cards with Poka's image here, in case you wish to spread her love with friends and family (or yourself too!). :)

I also have been experimenting with some ACEO prints ON CANVAS. Today I listed Einstein the Red-Eyed Tree Frog in this type of print - it's a limited edition, signed and numbered group of only 8 prints. The first print is up on Ebay and the others in the series of 8 can be purchased on my website.

Hopefully next week will be better than this one was! I plan on staying in the studio ALL DAY tomorrow and hopefully creating some more cute miniatures.


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