Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Update

Wow. It's been an interesting- and not necessarily GREAT - two weeks. I finally was able to go back to work after 2 weeks of being out with an awful sinus infection. Before going back to work, I got the news that the Dickson Gallery here in Jackson is closing. How depressing. I've been a part of this "family" for years and it is very upsetting to me that it's now gone. But you know, it seems the "families" (aka "friendships") in life come and go. Nothing ever remains constant. I wish I could be one of those people that can say "oh so and so and I have been best friends since grade school!". It never works out that way though.

Before the gallery owner told me this terrible news, I was actually thinking of giving up on my art. I've put 10 years into this, and no, I didn't do everything "right", but I feel I should have done better than I have as far as being able to pay the bills with it. I had been wavering on a decision to stop doing all art except digital art (such as the Hoppy Humor line of works I've been creating for a couple of years). It used to be that digital art was frowned upon. Well it might be frowned upon in some art communities, but in sales, the Hoppy line has clearly been my best seller over the last two years. So why not expand on THAT and quit spending huge amounts of money on canvas and paint to create works people will tell you are WONDERFUL DARLING...yet they don't buy?

In the midst of all this stuff, I made the decision to have my German Shepherd Max (pictured with me on the sidebar of this blog) neutered. He doesn't have the tempermant for showing, and unless he's showing, I have no interest in breeding. So it was time. He'll be two in October. I just had the surgery done today, and it was heart-wrenching to turn my "baby" over to have this surgery. I know I'll be happy in the long run for the decision, though, and it is probably best for him. He's sleeping peacefully in my office here beside me.

Work... well it's good. I like the office I'm in...it's small and cozy and just me and the doc at this point, so no office politics and BS like alot of places can have. I'm learning a ton about chiropractic care and seeing it help these patients is awesome! I have been helped by chiropractic care many years ago, and it is truly amazing what these simple adjustments can do for your health overall.

Art...well as I said, I've pretty much decided to hang it up. It's too bad this all came about right after I rearranged my total studio. Now I have even more space than ever and I won't even be using it. I plan to paint just for pleasure now. I'm not going to fool with painting what I think someone wants, nor am I going to fool with photographing, editing said photographs, describing, and listing the art on a gazillion sites. What's the point? I'll just stick with my bestselling digital paintings for online. And I have had two custom digital art requests in the past week, so I think that, combined with my new job and my family life will be enough. I'm tired of stressing out and running myself ragged for nothing. It's time I enjoyed life for once.

Anyway, that's the latest update on things here. Oh, I forgot one thing. I am selling off part of our antique book collection on Ebay. If you like the feel of holding a piece of history in your hands, check out my listings.


P.S. And did I mention I'm tired of the selfishness and meanness in the world lately? Well, I've been tired of it for a while - I'm still tired of it - and I'll probably never get it. I'm about ready to move to the mountains with my pets and just call it a life.

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