Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New art! Calico Kitten, Hamster, and Lion paintings

Finally...some new work to share. This job I now have is really cutting into my painting time. Even though it's only 3 days a week, it's ALL DAY 3 days and then I run behind on what I need to do for my kids/pets/house/yard/etc. So I furiously try to "catch up" so I can paint - but alas, there's always the emergency of one kind or another coming up, and it puts me behind. Sigh.

Last week it was the broken glass door. Yep. The husband decided to mow the patio. Why? Because there were weeds in spots growing through the cracks. Well, apparently he hit a rock - or something - on the patio and it shot it out and hit my sliding glass door on the studio/extra bedroom. It shattered. It's still shattered, too, because the best I could get him to find out (since I was at work when this happened) was it is going to cost $250 to get it replaced.

Now, I got this job to help pay our REGULAR expenses...and already my earnings are going out the door for something else. And the husband says he probably shouldn't mow the yard anymore....which is a big hint for ME to do it (which I've always done anyway, but that was when I wasn't working somewhere else and had time for it). Go figure. :)

Anyway ----I have had the past several days off for the holiday weekend and in between other "stuff" I had to take care of, I've managed to complete 3 miniature paintings in the My Tiny Pet series.

The first is Serena...she is a Calico kitten and she's ready for you to adopt her - which you can do right here and now! Wouldn't she just look adorable sitting on your desk or in your bedroom?

The second is Granny. Granny is a grey hamster and she is nestled between a cluster of Granny Smith apples. You can adopt Granny here.

And las but not least - we have Samson the Lion. Truthfully, I'm in no hurry for anyone to adopt him -- but if he tugs at your heart strings I'll send him to you rather than take him to work with me tomorrow. :)

Hope you enjoy these new works - all are acrylic on miniature canvases (3"x4" and 4"x5"). Be sure to stop by GalleryFridge.Com and check out the new art show I put up there this week, featuring another fabulous CafePress artist!


P.S. You'll notice a new look here on my blog, on the website, and at my Cafepress shop...that was another project I worked on over this weekend which has been long overdue!

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José said...


You have some really good works here.
I find the cat with the red background to be quite well achieved.

Kind regards,