Sunday, May 18, 2008

New art! Greyhound Dog and Hamster paintings

How CUTE are these? Berry Boy the Hamster is a 3" x 4" painting and Sasha the Greyhound is a 4" x 5" painting. Both are OCMA paintings in acrylic (OCMA=original canvas miniature art). And both are the first paintings in my new series "My Tiny Pet" (

Tiny pets are fabulous! You don’t have to feed them, bathe them, or exercise them. You don’t have to take them to the vet, as they never get sick and don’t need shots (plus they’ll live FOREVER). You don’t have to board them when you leave town - in fact, you can easily take them with you! Your tiny pet can stay in any room of your home or office. There’s only two things you have to do for your tiny pets - give them a home, and adore them. All they desire is to see the love in your eyes. And they’ll always look back at you with love in theirs. :)

You can adopt these two tiny pets by purchasing their paintings! Berry Boy has already been adopted, and you can adopt Sasha here.

Also, Sasha is included in my Greyhound art show featuring fabulous Cafepress artists over at GalleryFridge.Com.


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