Saturday, May 03, 2008

Floating Roses...Dali Style!

My neighbor gave me these gorgeous roses this week and I decided to preserve their beauty in mini paintings. These are the first two of these vermillion/peach and yellow roses in a series of 4. Both are on Ebay.

Even though I have two more to do in this series, I'm going to take a break and begin work on my next hamster illustration. The next hamster painting features a hamster CHIROPRACTOR scene...since I'm working for a chiropractor now, I thought it would be fitting. :) I'm also following that design with an art gallery hamster scene.

They are both going to be larger sized...8x10" on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, suitable for matting in an 8x10 mat and framing in a larger frame. I have only worked small up to this point, and even though 8x10 is still small, it's a bit bigger than what I'm used to. I'm crossing my fingers they turn out okay!

Hope you enjoy my Dali style floating roses...and come back by Monday to see if I have the hamster illustration done. InJoy, Jai

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