Friday, May 09, 2008

More Hamster Art! A Chiropractor scene...:)

Oh my gosh, I *finally* finished this illustration! It seemed to take FOREVER. But that's because I'm working at another job now (for a chiropractor...hence the inspiration for this painting) and I have gone from 6 days a week of being able to work on my art to only 2 a week. But hey, not much has been happening in the art world for quite some time, so it's rewarding to have something meaningful to do with my time.

So here I am on my day off posting my latest. I'm not sure how many will see it ('cept my "blog stalker" of course), but it will be up here forever and ever for those who stroll in at a later time.

I had a lot of fun creating this illustration. Like I said before, it's inspired by my new job, plus the fact I seem to love painting hamsters lately! This is a larger painting than all of my's an 8"x10". The original is up on Ebay, and of course, products and apparel are available here.

I have to work at the gallery tomorrow, but it's only part of the day, so I plan on starting something new. Actually, I have purchased a ton of little canvases. Since I have so much acrylic paint here, I decided to get these canvases and do some minis. Mostly I do ACEO and OSWOA size. These will be OCMA's.

So what is an OCMA, you ask? OCMA stands for Original Canvas Miniature Art. And yes, I came up with that abbreviation myself. :) I guess you could say I've decided to start a new trend!

To meet the criteria of being called an OCMA, a piece of art must be on wrapped canvas with the sides painted, and ready to hang with no need for a frame. The piece of miniature art must be size 5" x 7" or smaller. It can be created with any medium (acrylic/oil/color pencil/pastel/collage/etc) as long as it can be created on a wrapped canvas with the sides painted. Any subject matter can be portrayed in an OCMA.

Unlike ACEO's and OSWOA's, which must be able to fit in standard trading card or photo sleeves, and is often displayed or kept in such a manner, the OCMA art is ready to hang on your wall as soon as you receive it, with no need for matting and framing due to the sides being painted. Of course, your OCMA can be framed, and because of the mediums required for painting on canvas, your miniature painting most likely has no need for glass in the frame.

Because of the miniature size, you can display your OCMA painting in those small spaces in your home or office easily. Also because of the small size, OCMA paintings are often very reasonably priced, enabling those who are on a budget to be able to collect original art, too!

Maybe some other artists will join me in creating OCMA paintings as well. My paintings I'll be doing will be size 3"x4" and 4"x5" for now. In the future, I might do some 5"x7" paintings.


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