Sunday, July 24, 2005

New studio photos!

Here's some photos of my new studio I just created in the lower level apartment in my home. The first photo is what used to be my work desk in my upstairs is now a photography "studio" rather than a work desk. No longer crammed in a tiny space to take pictures! Hooray!

Now we enter the new studio in the kitchenette of the basement level. The white cabinet in the corner has glass doors and 4 was just sitting there empty. NO MORE! It's full now with all of my supplies.

Notice the lovely view I now have through the double glass doors:

A little closer shot of the two new Hibiscus I just planted today, and my new bird feeder and bird bath - both hanging from the same pole in perfect view from my workspace:

This is the view behind my work desk, next to the sink area. The shelves above the microwave hold beads and findings, with all of my art books in the middle. Notice I still have some empty shelves below the microwave:

Another view of the studio. That is my convection oven I use to fire my beads. And the door behind that goes outside in case I want to step out and get some fresh air (not likely in this 100 degree heat!):

Petunia's in the upstairs flower beds of my lovely brother planted those for me when he was here earlier this summer:

This one plant produces little white, red and pink flowers. I have no idea what it's called, but it was scrawny when we planted it. Look at it now! Like my little frog thinking beside it? :)

A view of the beautiful Hibiscus Scott planted for me out front:

What gorgeous blooms!

Ah....fresh cut yard...

And now we have moved around to the lower level - this is the view looking in toward my studio:

I love my new studio - it's already helping creatively, too! I have a new design on the work table and it's coming along very nicely. Can't wait until my first bird friends come to visit the new feeder and bird bath. That will be sweet!


Your brother said...

Man I do good work. Two months and they are still alive.

indigogarden said...

You have a lovely studio, Jai. :) I'm envious...especially of the kitchenette right behind your chair!