Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Life Update! New Ebook - Weight Loss & More!

Oh my, I've been busy! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. My partner AJ and I have finished the ebook Create Miniature Carved Paintings. Click on the book cover below to read about it.

AJ has been making several mini paintings from my patterns...they are all on the site at under Miniature Carved Paintings. We are going to shift our work to ALL carved pieces like this...paintings, sculpture, and wearable art such as carved beads and centerpieces. We are getting with the flow now and building up some inventory. Perhaps we'll even be able to do the Thanksgiving show at the civic center this year...I don't know. Depends on the cost and how much we get completed.

I've now lost a total of 19 pounds! HOORAY! 16 more pounds to go to my goal weight. I've dropped 2 clothing sizes and want to drop 2 more before it's over. I guess those thyroid pills are really working. That and eating smaller bits more frequently during the day to keep my metabolism going.

I'm recouperating from playing chauffer last week for the kids and am staying home all this week to get caught up on my work. I've rejoined the Jewelry Designer's Guild mailing list and hope to create some unique carved centerpieces for jewelry designs very soon.

Hurricane Dennis came through here with a ton of rain on Monday. Yesterday was much cooler and sunny. Today it looks gray again, so we might get some more rain. Guess I'd better get my walk in this morning before that happens.


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