Monday, May 21, 2007

Updates from Studio Jai...

I've been spending my morning making some changes. One thing I did was re-price my Ebay auctions. After listing for 99 cents with no reserve and not having a bid for several days on anything, I figure Ebay must be so slow these days, it's just not going to matter how low I price them...if the bidders aren't there, they aren't there. So there won't be the bidding wars like there used to be - bummer! Ebay used to be so much fun. Anyway, I re-priced the auctions to a fair price (but still very low for an original piece of art).
If they don't sell on Ebay, I already have matting and framing options in mind to get them fixed up and take them to the gallery here.

I've also worked this morning on my store - I've redesigned the Silajai logo, and I have decided to upload ALL of my previous works of art to be used on products. In reality, this store is the only place I've made any decent money this year so far - so why not capitalize on that? After all, I need to make a living from my art. Having originals scanned/photographed but just sitting here isn't doing me a bit of putting the art on products, at least I can realize some income from my work.

Today I added three new designs to my store: Ragdoll Cat Portrait, The Ring (a perfect design for wedding/engagement/marriage, as well as for jewelry store promotional items) , and The Golden One (a pegasus horse design). I have about 30+ more traditional designs to add, and then I will also be adding my digital designs from years past.

I think that's all I'll do today on the uploads, as I need to get down in the studio and do today's painting-of-the-day.

This weekend I went to a local dog show and got a ton of great photos of different dog breeds. I already know one of my favorites will be Dr. Phil, a male bulldog who posed wonderfully for me!

I can't wait to do a painting of him! (maybe I should send it to the "real" Dr. Phil? LOL!)

Hope you all have a great day,


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