Saturday, May 26, 2007

My favorite painting I've done...Unique Cat Art

Some of you might remember my painting "Behind the Brick Wall", featuring this delightful blue-eyed kitten. I've just added the art to my store on a variety of products. Pictured to the left is the greeting card.
I have to say, this is still my all-time favorite of all the paintings I've done. Of course, the meaning in this one is deep for me - but the art itself with the kitten coming out from the wall like also very unique and appealing to me.
Hope you like it.
P.S. I can't believe none of my jewelry buddies told me about Ian St. Gielar passing away....I heard from Jo Ann the other night down in Hollywood and she informed me he died on March 21. So young, and such major talent. How very, very sad. :( I've been in a funk ever since I heard about it. Many of you will remember Ian helped me out a lot learning the seed bead jewelry work I did in the past - he even went so far as to send me some supplies. Sigh. You can read about Ian and see his beautiful jewelry designs here.

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