Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Price of Freedom - painting in progress

Hi all. Thought I'd share what I'm working on this week. This is my painting "Price of Freedom" in progress. I've been thinking for a long time about doing this painting, but I couldn't quite figure out the imagery. I woke up from a dead sleep the other night with the idea of how to put my thoughts all together - so I started on it immediately.

My thinking as I put it together began with the solider in the bottom right. It all started with him - I've been thinking of him for 2 years now and how to incorporate him into one of my art works. My thoughts are about the "price" being paid for our freedom. This solider, while at war defending freedom for us, is missing important events in his life. He's missing his son being born - he's missing his father or mother's funeral. He might even lose his own life. That's a high price to pay. I think sometimes we take freedom for granted - but in reality, it's very costly for all. I know every time *I* look at this painting when it's done, I'll offer up a thought of gratitude for my freedom, and I hope others will do the same.

Once complete, this painting will be available as 16x20 limited edition, signed/numbered prints from my website JaiArt.Com (which I have totally redesigned again).

I've finally decided the type of imagery I want to stick with in my artworks. Mostly, I want to paint paintings which create a feeling - and preferably a feeling of ROMANCE...something that gives a person that warm, fuzzy feeling, and something anyone would want to place of print of in their home.

I also want to continue to create paintings which deliver a message. The only two paintings being offered as limited edition signed/numbered prints on JaiArt.Com right now are Behind the Brick Wall and Birth Journey, as these deliver a message. The Price of Freedom will also do the same. And then I'll be starting my romantic themed pieces - which will all have scenes ranging from the sweet to the sensual.

Basically I'm tired of painting this, that and the other. And I guess the main reason I have done that is to try to appeal to everyone with the subject matter, in the hopes that I'd sell a lot of different works. Well - that ain't working. :)

I hear all the time "You have so much talent!" "You're such a good artist!" "Oh my God what a cool painting!" And I always appreciate that - but I'm at the point where I'm seriously saying "Show Me the Money." :) I really thought that after my ceiling fan ACEO mini painting on Ebay got 75 hits, as well as had two people watching it - yet it ended with no bids. That was very discouraging - especially since the original art was less than $10 for the opening bid! So I'm shifting my focus to NOT trying to sell my originals, though they will be for sale...but not for $10. I'm not going to try to sell them as much as I'll be marketing my 16x20 prints. The Price of Freedom is already set up for a mass postcard ad mailing to be started immediately upon completion. And I can't think of a household in the USA which wouldn't enjoy having this work in their home or office space!

By painting a variety of works - from animals, to landscapes, to florals, to still life, etc. I have proven one thing to myself...I can paint ANYTHING. And that will come in handy to create these scenes and visions I have in my head. Many will probably be landscapes, with a couple in there somewhere, and possibly there may be some animals and still life and flowers involved as well. I love to paint architectual items, so you probably won't see as many scenes loaded with trees as you will see with stone and columns in my new works.

Anyway, back to the easel. I'm shooting to have this done by weeks end so I can get my postcards ordered.


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