Monday, October 02, 2006

Taming the Ego...In process painting

Thought you all might like to see an "in process" painting on this one. I don't normally show these photos because I am so dissatisfied at this point in the work. But overall, I DO think this piece is coming along nicely so far. I'm taking my time and not rushing.

It's been a rough past couple of days. One of my dear friends has had to go through a very trying circumstance in the last 24 hours, dog got sprayed by a skunk and got in the house before we knew it. YUCK! So, I've had two things I'm dealing with.

As for my friend - without going into details, please pray for her. She desperately needs the support of others right now, as do her children. So please, just say a prayer that she will have the strength to deal with what life has delivered her.


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Moon Stumpp said...

Oooo....I'm sorry to hear about the dog vs. skunk saga. I really feel for you. the way that you are showing the painting step by step. It brings a new level to your work.