Sunday, October 08, 2006

Taming the Ego is now complete! Click the photos to see larger versions. The original is available for purchase from my website. I also have matted and signed 8x10 prints available for purchase.

Don't forget our new service offering for business owners - our mini prints make wonderful gifts for your customers and we have numerous art selections available on the website!



Moon Stumpp said...

Wonderful detail, great shadow work, nice layout...this is a painting that anyone would be proud to show off in their home.

Jai said...

Thanks Moon! I have a feeling I'll be hanging onto this painting for a while - it's really going to have to speak to someone - i.e. they are going to have to make some sense over what they see as far as the imagery and it will have to apply to their life I think for them to purchase the painting and prints.

There's one like this at the gallery I'm a member's called "Assertion of Self" and I really, really love it and I totally "get it".'s $7,000 so I can't afford it at this point. If the artist sold prints, I'd already have one in my home as like I said, it makes sense to me and means something. I think "Taming the Ego" will also do that with a few folks. :)

Thanks again for your kind comments!