Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Wednesday

I hear my northern friends are shakin' off their shovels and sending some cold dust down my way.....UGH. Time to dust off the sweaters I guess!

I've been working on revising the LEO design a bit - I've changed up the sunflower on her dress and adjusted the dress a bit. I guess today I'll start the actual painting.

Yesterday I added a guestbook to my website - it appears at the bottom of each page in my shop. Maybe I'll get to hear some comments from people who stroll in there. I've also added it to the bottom of my blog pages here. So drop me a line! Let me know where you are from and what you think of the artwork I've been doing!

Yesterday I also added 29 of my prints to Ebay. One of each of my favorite pieces of art is now available at a discount price on Ebay....yes, just one of each. I'm hoping to get some sales here and get my art into some "new hands"... and don't see why it wouldn't happen - At only $10 per print (normally $32) and they are 8x10 and matted in 11x14 coordinating mats - ready to frame - I think that's a bargain!

I've also finished updating the "For Business Owners" page on the site, and prepared a flier I'll be mailing to business owners to advertise my mini prints.

I have a ton of originals here now I need to get frames for. Even though some of my canvases have sides which are painted, I still like to frame them up....and the canvas board paintings need frames too. Sigh. I wish I had a "frame maker" in the gets expensive when you have to frame as many as I do!

Well I guess I'm off here to get started on my day. I didn't get as far on the Leo art yesterday as I wanted and I want to make more progress today.



Cyndi L said...

Hey hey hey! Don't blame your cold air on us :-D

This is actually the time of year that I get more productive...

Jai said...

Well maybe that'll work for me...I'll get more productive! Let's hope so! LOL!

Good to "see you" Cyndi!