Saturday, October 07, 2006

Leo Sketch in Progress

While I've been having my coffee this morning, I've been working on this sketch for my Zodiac series. I always do a Leo design first (since I'm a Leo!) when I work on anything Zodiac.

Just wondered what you all thought of this design? I was going to make her a fairy or an angel, but, I think I'll leave her this a goddess. :) This is a small piece - only 9x12 - and this design is sketched directly on the canvas board. I'm wondering if I should go larger with these in this series? Decisions, decisions......


P.S. 3:11 pm - I've decided to go larger with this one and the others in the series to a size 16x20. Since I posted the sketch this morning, I've finished it, as well as designed a totally different painting (also will be a 16x20) and I've now finished the horse's wings in "Taming the Ego"! Hooray! Onto the details of this magnificent creature!

P.S.S. 9:09 pm - Taming the Ego is now complete. It will be photographed tomorrow and 8x10 matted prints will be available at that time.


Paula said...

Wow, you were a busy little beaver woman! very nice! Course you know that i feel the MALE version of the Leo doesn't deserve such greatness... LOL

Very nice!

kelly said...

What a GREAT image/idea/vision! I am truelly one of your BIGGEST FANS!