Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lapis Elegance Cuff/Bangle Bracelet & Earrings

Over the past couple of days, I've worked out my bangle/cuff bracelet design I'll be producing in the 2006 Impressions line of art jewelry. I call it a bangle/cuff, because it slides over the hand and onto the wrist like a bangle, yet looks like a cuff bracelet with that large centerpiece. It looks wonderful on the wrist, and I'm very pleased with the design I've come up with. I'm going to make a few more this year with the large center "stone" and some with smaller, more delicate centerpieces as well.

I titled these pieces "Lapis Elegance" as my design has the look of lapis lazuli. I added gold leaf in both the bracelet and earrings for more sparkle too. The earrings I created are pierced. I also have another earring design I'm working on which will also be dangles, but will have larger artistic centerpieces in them. So I've got this one bracelet design for the line, I'll have 2 earring designs, and I'm working on my necklace and ring designs as well. Once I get everything worked out, it's time to start making more with abstract art centerpieces in a wide variety.

Here are the earrings. They are SO FUN! :)

A friend of mine showed up this week to visit after a couple month absence. He was very impressed with the new pieces in this new line of 2006 jewelry. But I thought he was going to fall onto the floor when he saw this piece! His comment was:

"Man! That is really something! I knew you were a good artist but I had no idea you could paint like THIS!"

I sure liked hearing that! It almost took away the pain of my headache. :)


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