Sunday, December 11, 2005

I did it I did it!!!!!

Okay, so I'm just a TAD excited! You don't know HOW LONG I've been striving for a unique ring design which I adore....well I've finally created it! Despite the fact I had another terrible headache when I woke up today, I managed to get very creative and come up with this design.

The pattern on the art cabs shown here is called "Nature's Web". The ring is hand sculpted in brass wire, has a large pear-shaped art cab, prong set, and freshwater pearls for accent. It's a ladies size 7.25.

The pendant to the left features a similar pattern, using the same coloring, yet it's different since each of my pieces are original art and freeform. I created the pendant smaller in order to appeal to someone who likes the more delicate and demure look. Like the ring, it is sculpted in brass and features freshwater pearls for accent.

Also in process is a large, oval medallion style "Nature's Web" brooch/pendant combo jewel. I'll post it later when it's complete. It will be my first brooch in the new Impressions series.

I'm just SO EXCITED I figured out my ring design and it worked! To read more about the ring, go here. To read more about the pendant, go here.


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