Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Diamond Cross, Cloisonne Art Pendant

"Diamond Cross" is my latest creation. This art pendant features 4 sections of wire embedded into the design, and all are filled with bright colors and then offset by the background which I created in black. Despite the fact I was interrupted by the thought of a potential house fire (see post below) while I was working on this piece, it still came out okay and I think I'll wear this to the New Year's Eve Eve party (Dec 30) at the Dickson Gallery here in Jackson.

I've also been doing some thinking over the Christmas holiday. Many of my polymer clay associates as well as my jewelry making friends have been asking me for another ebook on how to make the type of pieces I'm creating now. (My previous ebook is on creating miniature paintings in polymer, which can be applied to jewelry items...but I've been asked numerous times for more ebooks/tutorials on making specific jewelry items).

I have good news! This year, I've decided to create numerous tutorials on how to create specific jewelry items using my techniques in polymer. Each tutorial will focus on the creation of one specific type of jewel, and of course, students can alter the colors and embellishments to suit their own desires.

All tutorials will be available for download in PDF format and will be only $7 each. Each tutorial will include step by step photos and detailed instructions, as well as suggestions and tips for alterations to the piece should the student decide to make several items with different looks from the base lesson. Patterns will also be included with the tutorials.

As soon as I finish putting together the first lesson, I'll have it up in a special section in my gallery titled "Lessons". I hope to produce a variety of lessons this year, giving students a host of beautiful, unique jewelry they can make using polymer and other simple, easy to use supplies and materials.

So that's one new thing on the agenda for 2006, in addition to creating the many one of a kind art jewels I love to make! :)


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